Upcoming Pre-Show Food

Please find below the menus for our upcoming shows Meat and Vegetarian.
Tickets for food must be purchased 2 days before the event at Hungerford Bookshop or On-line
21st April – Chicken Curry, Rice, Poppadums (Veggie Curry)
22nd April – Macaroni Cheese, Pancetta, Mushrooms, Truffle Salad (No Pancetta)
5th May – Jacket Potato, Sausage, Beans, Cheese (Chargrilled Mushroom)
19th May – Fish Pie, Mushy Peas
2nd June – Bunless Burger, Summer Coleslaw, Potato Salad (Roast Veg Skewer)
16th June – Falafel, Flat Bread, Lentil, Date, Pickle
17th June – Roast Veg Skewers, Halloumi, Pea and Green Salad, Seeds

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