Croft Films – Autumn/Winter Season

We have a varied and very powerful collection of films for you this season with a good sprinkling of comedy

Amazing cinema in the middle of Hungerford, £5 ticket and a cheap bar.

See films as they are meant to be seen on the Big Screen and with 5.1 sound

Bring friends, meet new friends, bump into old friends

Under 18’s are free normal Film Certificate rules apply

Fri 4 Jan – Film – Beast

A troubled woman living in an isolated community finds herself pulled between the control of her oppressive family and the allure of a secretive outsider suspected of a series of brutal murders 2017 Cert 15 1hrs 47mins Drama/Thriller Buy Tickets Official Trailer Mark Kermode Review IMDB 7.1 Rotten Critics 94 Rotten Audience 73 Guardian 4/5… Continue reading →

Fri 18 Jan – Film – Pandora’s Box

The rise and inevitable fall of an amoral but naïve young woman whose insouciant eroticism inspires lust and violence in those around her. One of the great silent films, GW Pabst’s Pandora’s Box is renowned for its sensational storyline, sparkling Weimar-period setting and the legendary, lead performance from its iconic star Louise Brooks. Following the… Continue reading →

Fri 1 Feb – Film – The Happy Prince

The untold story of the last days in the tragic times of Oscar Wilde, a person who observes his own failure with ironic distance and regards the difficulties that beset his life with detachment and humour 2018 Cert 15 1hr 45min Directed by and starring Rupert Everett Also starring Colin Firth, Emily Watson Buy Tickets… Continue reading →

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