Croft Films – Spring/Summer Season

We have a varied and very powerful collection of films for you this season with a good sprinkling of comedy

Amazing cinema in the middle of Hungerford, £5 ticket and a cheap bar.

See films as they are meant to be seen on the Big Screen and with 5.1 sound

Bring friends, meet new friends, bump into old friends

Under 18’s are free normal Film Certificate rules apply

Fri 17 May – Leave No Trace

Uplifting and sometimes heartbreaking Buy Tickets Will suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from his time in the military. He cannot function in society, so for years he has lived quietly in the forests of Oregon with his 13-year-old daughter Thomasina. The film charts their sudden tangle with the authorities (for squatting on public land), their… Continue reading →

Fri 7 Jun – The Wife

Portrait of a marriage Buy Tickets Joan Castleman (Glenn Close), is a highly intelligent and striking lady who for 40 years has been the perfect, devoted wife, sacrificing her own talent, dreams and ambitions to fan the flames of her husband Joe’s ( Jonathan Pryce) skyrocketing literary career. Ignoring his infidelities and excuses with grace and… Continue reading →

Fri 21 Jun – The Guardians (French)

Drama of love, loss and resilience Buy Tickets Set during the years when World War 1 devastated France, the battle front only makes two dreamlike appearances in director Xavier Beauvois’ meticulously crafted, slow-paced drama. Instead the focus is on a family farm and the women who have been left behind to manage alone while the… Continue reading →

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