Hungerford Literary Festival

New Focus for the Hungerford Literary Festival

 After five successful years the Hungerford Literary Festival (which became part of Arts for Hungerford last year) is being redeveloped in an exciting new project.

2017 will see the start of literary weekends revolving around a main theme, with other arts and food enhancing the festival atmosphere. The festival is keen to maintain its momentum, while being open to reinvention.

The first weekend will be held on 13 – 15 October. The theme will be ‘Journeys’. Stay tuned for more information.

Anyone who is interested in becoming part of the project is invited to contact Tony Drewer-Trump at Arts for Hungerford on or Emma Milne-White at The Hungerford Bookshop at

Sponsorship opportunities are also available for this and other Arts for Hungerford events. For more information please see


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