Sunday 15 October, 1:30pm: The Remarkable Life of Joan Leigh Fermor – Simon Fenwick talks to Elinor Goodman

A talented photographer Joan Leigh Fermor defied the social conventions of her times. She featured regularly in the gossip columns, not only for her affairs and her fashionable clothes, but for her intrepid travels to Russia and America. In 1944 in Cairo, she met Paddy Leigh Fermor, lionized for his daring kidnap of the Nazi General Kreipe in Crete.

Simon Fenwick talks to Elinor Goodman about the extraordinary life of a woman who, until now, has been defined by the man she married and their famous friends. It is also a riveting portrait of a marriage and a milieu, revealing the sexual and intellectual mores of that wartime generation who lived life at full tilt, no matter what the consequences.

Sunday October 15th, 1:30pm in Hungerford Town Hall.

Tickets £7 or call The Hungerford Bookshop on 01488 683480