Sunday October 15, 7:30pm: Aftershock: The Quake on Everest and One Man’s Quest

Jules Mountain is a survivor. The odds of surviving his type of cancer were one in five. The odds of dying on Everest are one in 60, but these are severely shortened when factoring in an avalanche triggered by the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Jules lives to tell both tales, conveying the agony and euphoria that extreme adventurers face, even when things go according to plan.

Aftershock is much more than an account of what happened in the aftermath of the most deadly disaster ever on the world’s most iconic mountain. Jules explores how logic, compassion and risk assessment are affected by altitude, vested interests and the stress of extreme circumstances. It’s an inspirational story – and a fantastic way to round off our festival.

Sunday October 15th, 7:30pm. Hungerford Town Hall

Tickets £7 or call Hungerford Bookshop on 01488 683480