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All work on this website are illustrative of the artists work and may not reflect the particular pieces on display during the Arts Trail

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Sue Acworth @ Hungerford Arcade

Buy Ticket Living on a farm, Sue has a life-long interest in the countryside to which many of her pictures are related. She captures the ebb and flow of the seasons with her colourful depictions of woodlands and local landscapes. Sue works with pastels on sandpaper and is developing techniques that almost add a third… Continue reading →

Malcolm Appleby @ Styles Silver

Malcolm Appleby was born in Kent  in 1946 and decided while still a teenager to become a designer. He studied at BeckenhamSchool of Art, Ravensbourne School of Art and the Central School of Arts and Crafts and Sir John Cass from 1961 to 1966. Following the pre-diploma he had an interest in gun engraving design and took on a… Continue reading →

Arty Pumpkin @ Oil Gallery

Originally trained as a Graphic Designer Arty Pumpkin rediscovered her love of drawing, especially life drawing. Over the past few years she has begun to explore a variety of media; pencil, pastel, paint, print and has found a use for some wooden letterpress blocks acquired many moons ago. Her work now combines the words, heard… Continue reading →

Mandi Bainbridge

Hagstone I My inspiration comes from my love of the countryside around my home town of Hungerford combined with the varied shorelines around Great Britain and Northern Ireland.   A particular favourite place of mine is the Giants Causeway on the Antrim Coast. Whenever I start a new series of work I am looking to… Continue reading →

Diana Barraclough @ Barrs Yard

I make a variety of work using various different clays. My pots, mostly hand built and tiles have quite a painterly Surface which I achieve by texturing the clay and adding stains and glazes. I also use a collage effect using different Layers of clays especially on the larger tiles. I make large more sculptural… Continue reading →

Shirley Cartey @ Kimmer Antiques

Walking is an important experience for me in acquiring a sense of place and I hope to translate this through my landscape painting and printing. My oil paintings have roots in the landscape tradition and my prints are more often City based using a photomontage technique with mixed media to express the minutiae of the… Continue reading →

Jane Corbett @ Ellie Dickins

Jane Corbett’s studio is in the garden of her rural home just two miles outside Hungerford, where she creates mixed media sculptures and also works on surface finish designs for interior design projects. Her sculptures are both minimal and detailed, as likely to be made from concrete as fine threads and are a result of… Continue reading →

Diccon Dadey @ Libby Blakey

Tawny at Daybreak – Mild Steel Diccon Dadey is a metal sculptor working in mild steel to fabricate a wonderfully eclectic collection of modern and traditional house and garden art in 3D form. Whether contemporary or traditional; whether abstract or a reflection of nature, a Dadey Metal Art Sculpture offers a unique and timeless piece… Continue reading →

Elizabeth Davis @ The Emporium

Striped Cup and Welsh Poppies £150 I am interested in colour and exploring surfaces, layers and textures using oil, acrylics and mixed media to respond to landscapes and still life in a figurative or semi abstract way. I studied Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University, gaining a first-class degree in 2005. Four paintings submitted: Dance… Continue reading →

Gail Davis @ Oil Gallery

Gail Davis is an up and coming locally acclaimed artist whose work has a global following. Mainly painting in oil on canvas Gail is a versatile artist portraying subjects including land and seascapes; architecture; flora and fauna and portraits – including a modern interpretation of Renaissance style nudes. She produces compelling art that combines the… Continue reading →

Martin Eastabrook @ Inklings

I make hand built and thrown ceramic decorative objects. My fascination is in the alchemy of the applied glazes so that texture and colour make an impact. My self-formulated glazes tend to be minimal allowing the form to host unconventional and unique surfaces. Items are made from a range of stoneware and porcelain clays and… Continue reading →

Jane Elliman @ Kimmer Antiques

Jess – soft pencil crayon on paper Jane has lived in the same location in the very northern tip of Hampshire all her life. Born to an artistic and creative family she was surrounded by two and three-dimensional craftspeople from an early age who were a massive inspiration to her. Much to her delight she… Continue reading →

Lesley Foden @ Inklings

Limelight ME I live near Newbury in Berkshire. Mainly I am a home bod. I like walking dogs, making cakes and gardening. Apart from my painting… I’m the chair of a local volunteer driving organisation; I ring the bells of the church I live next to; and I’m rowing around Great Britain this summer. I’ve… Continue reading →

Soraya French PSWA @ Oil Gallery

Hazy Afternoon Soraya French PSWA Soraya is a contemporary artist, tutor and author. She combines a successful exhibiting career with writing for the Uk’s leading art publication ‘’The Artist’’ magazine and carrying out occasional experimental workshops both at home and abroad. The success of her art books commissioned by HarperCollins have brought her international recognition… Continue reading →

Miriam Hanid @ Styles Silver

The inspiration for her work comes from the imagery of water. Miriam uses water as a metaphor for the divine current of energy flowing through all forms of life. She records the ever-changing element of water in drawings and photographs. Rough sketches are transferred to the silver, informing the visual framework. The silver’s form then… Continue reading →

Adrian Hope @ Styles Silver

Adrian likes his work to be, for want of a better word, friendly. The reason for using silver at all is because it is a wonderful, forgiving, pliable material that can be manipulated with complete sympathy. He wants the owners and users of his work to enjoy it, so it has to be direct and… Continue reading →

Simon Jardine @ Eden Baking

Ducks Biography Simon Jardine Simon is a West Berkshire based illustrator and artist who creates humorous artwork, using both digital and traditional media. Simon is equally happy drawing in black and white or colour and also enjoys adding movement to his characters with animation. Locally Simon works with the Corn Exchange in Newbury, running workshops… Continue reading →

Rebecca Joselyn @ Styles Silver

In 2006 Rebecca Joselyn achieved a BA Honours at Sheffield Hallam University, a Precious Metal Bursary Award from the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and joined the Silversmith Starter Programme at Persistence Works, Sheffield. In 2007 she won a Gold Award from the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council followed by the Newcomer Award from Craftsman Magazine… Continue reading →

Susan Kirkman @ The Bear

Susan Kirkman produces both figurative and abstract images in many different media. She originally trained as a scientist, which is probably why she finds the processes involved in printing techniques especially interesting. Her science background may also explain her inclination to experiment in a wide variety of painting media, styles and techniques. She hopes never… Continue reading →

Amy Malikov @ Martin & the Magpie

Amy Malikov studied in Florence and in the Repin Institute in St Petersburg. She is predominantly a still life artist but also works on Landscapes and from the model. Amy likes to challenge herself looking at the depth of colour and form and observing how light reflects on fabrics and glass.

Ian Marlow @ Barrs Yard

Unfolding Ian Marlow MRBS The texturing he adds to the surface of the stainless steel sculptures makes their appearance change in the light, and the way they move gently in the breeze gives his large garden sculptures a life that more static pieces lack. As well as stainless steel, Ian also uses glass and Corten.… Continue reading →

Alex McGarry @ Inklings

Alex McGarry specialises in oil paintings of British wildlife and farmyard animals. She aims to encapsulate the anthropomorphism of animals through her paintings, often painting animals on a larger than life scale. Alex’s career as an artist started off as an Interior Designer for new homes. It was this that led her to creating all the paintings… Continue reading →

Arran Miles @ The Hungerford Arms

Arran graduated from St Martins School of Art in Fashion/Textiles and work in fabric design for a number of years in London and Paris. Over the last 20 years she has made the transition to Fine Art. She works in a variety of Media her main focus being Life Drawing which she also teaches. More… Continue reading →

Antonetta Newton-Tyers @ The Hungerford Arms

Antonetta is a painter and sculptor, best known for her figurative work.This year Antonetta has continued to explore movement in dancers, and emotional responses.Her work is often described as sensual, be it in her drawings, acrylic paintings or sculpture.

Jane Milne @ Hungerford Bookshop

Crouching Man All my life I have been an artist and maker. I went into nursing when I left school and returned to work after raising my family. I then took early retirement in order to concentrate on art. I went to art school and got a degree in Fine Art. My work is elcectic… Continue reading →

Patricia Mitchell @ Libby Blakey

Herd  Mitchell and Blue Having been a professional and published photographer as well as studying figurative sculpture for 3 years at The Heatherly School of Fine Art, Chelsea, Patricia stumbled across the ancient art of origami purely by chance. Delving deeper into this extraordinary method of manipulating paper into shapes, she found that origami became… Continue reading →

Brett Payne @ Styles Silver

Brett Payne undertook a Foundation course at Canterbury College of Art in 1977 before going to Sheffield Hallam University where he achieved a BA Hons in Silversmithing and Jewellery in 1981.He opened his own studio and workshop in Sheffield in 1983. He has exhibited widely including the United States, Japan and Europe and commissioned work… Continue reading →

Diana Pattenden @ Libby Blakey

Hand Casting – receive Diana Pattenden is a sculptor who lives in Newbury and has an artist’s studio based in Lower Way Farm, Thatcham. Her work is cast into bronze or bronze resin and can be for the house or garden. She has bronzes of animals such as cows and bulls, hens, a donkey and… Continue reading →

Kim Pethybridge

Sitting Bear Sitting Bear     White Marble Resin No.4 of 4, Size 26x39x21cms £375                    (not including black plinth). Working in the shadows of Barbury Castle Kim has been sculpting stone for 14 years and enjoys carving both figurative and abstract pieces; predominantly from local Limestone… Continue reading →

Penny Pinkard @ The Emporium

After classical training I was privileged to be able to pass on my skills by teaching a variety of Adult Education classes. I have combined my interest in textiles and machine embroidery with the traditional aspects of natural forms in what would generally be classed as mixed media. I work from my studio in Berkshire,… Continue reading →

Leo Shirley-Smith @ Styles Silver

Leo Shirley-Smith was born in London 1962 and grew up in Marlborough, Wiltshire. He has always been fascinated with the process of making things, and has been a craftsman and inventor since childhood. He studied Jewellery and Diamond Mounting at the Sir John Cass School Of Art followed by an apprenticeship to the distinguished goldsmith,… Continue reading →

Dominique Salm @ Libby Blakey

Majestic Dominique Salm’s remarkably naturalistic portraits of animal have an almost snap-shot quality, showing her unique ability of capturing the personality of each animal and imparting humour, character and whimsy to many of her pieces. ” I have always seen the human side in animals – the way they make you laugh or sympathise with… Continue reading →

Bianca Smith @ Libby Blakey

Australian born artist, Bianca Smith, after graduating with a Bachelor of fine arts, has lived and worked in London from her studio in Battersea for the past 17 years. Bianca’s work predominantly features the female form in her well-honed abstract paintings with her signature look of thin black lines over her abstract shapes. With a… Continue reading →

Chris Tebble @ Nye & Co

After working in the sign and printing industries for many years and ultimately running my own business, I would now like to develop my artistic skills in other ways. I have a wide range of interests and my work can be inspired by many things but life drawing and my love of the sea are… Continue reading →

Micky Thompson @ the Bear

As a photographer, for me, the original digital image capture is the starting point of an adventure which finally leads to a finished work. Having an art school graphics training has left me with a certain way of viewing the world and many viewing my work for the first time do not recognise my images… Continue reading →

Shona Wheeler @ Cooper & Cooper

Shona Wheeler is an emerging artist with a specific interest in how properties of the materials she uses affect and dictate form and texture. Furthermore, she explores how lines define a space and how repetition can specify an aesthetic. Currently Shona is using ballpoint pens to create highly detailed and textured drawings of everyday objects.… Continue reading →

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