13 – 15 Oct – Arts For Hungerford – Literary Festival

We are delighted the first of a new season of Literary Festivals

The Hungerford Literary Festival has become an established fixture in the town’s calendar, fulfilling its aim is to provide a ‘live library’ of events, showcasing different genres and authors, for local people and to attract people in to our historic town.

The festival has grown year on year and has presented many bestselling authors such as Sir Max Hastings, Louis De Bernieres and Rachel Joyce as well as high profile figures who have written books such as Kate Adie, Jenni Murray and the Earl Spencer. It has welcomed local authors too, and has incorporated writing workshops, children’s activities, and food & drink events within its line-up.
In 2016 Hungerford Literary Festival was pleased to become part of Arts for Hungerford. The collaboration has meant improved lighting and sound for events, as well as the introduction of a café style setting – and indeed a café between events.
After five years the festival is keen to maintain its momentum, with an eye for keeping things fresh. This year will see the start of literary weekends revolving around a main theme, with other arts and food enhancing the festival atmosphere.
“It will be a lot of fun thinking up themes and selecting books, authors and events” says Emma Milne-White, principle organise of the festival and co-owner of the Hungerford Bookshop “it will allow us to be inventive while maintaining a focus – though there may be fewer authors there will be greater diversity in terms of format, and if successful, more than one a year”.
The first weekend will take place on Fri 13 – Sun 15 October – the theme will be Journeys.

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