Gérard Leclerc – Post Event Comments and Review

NWN 14 04 16

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10 Young cellists and a great afternoon concert thanks to Gérard Leclerc, Jude Barnby and Phillip Brown.

We started with a masterclass for three extremely talented students and a class for 10 young cello players.

Then an afternoon concert and tea party with over 90 people, followed by an amazing evening concert.

3 thoughts on “Gérard Leclerc – Post Event Comments and Review

  1. Phillip
    Thank you again for organising the cello day. Yi Ann and I absolutely enjoyed it. Gerard was amazing and we love his cello recital. Yi Ann wished she could have a bit more masterclass time with Gerard.


  2. Dear Cellissimo and cellists
    Thank you so much for your wonderful playing yesterday, I hope that you all enjoyed the whole experience. Gerard was very impressed with you all and your passion for the cello! I think you all inspired those little children at the tea concert and no doubt there will be some budding cellists in the future.

    What a truly amazing day we had and led by such a warm hearted and friendly fellow. I think we all took something away from his inspirational words, whether it was stories of du Pre or how to play from the depths of our soul; or the delightful narrative of the Badger’s set.

    For me, Gerard was able to transform the notes on the page, by using the bow like an artist uses his brush to paint a picture, with a full palette of colour at his disposal. The essence of his personality was never in doubt and always fully committed to communicating the music.

    Best wishes


  3. I was fortunate enough to take my two God children to the afternoon performance & get tickets for the evening. The stage setting was so evocative, the cello laid on the antique table, subtle drawing room lighting, really set the stage (no pun intended) for a very special evening of sublime piano & cello music. The Badgers Sett in the afternoon was a delight for the children & we now have a violinist reconsidering their musical options. A truly wonderful opportunity for Hungerford to hear world class recitals. Thank you.


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