The Return of Food from Sat 4 Feb

We are very pleased to announce that in collaboration with Ollie and Lauren Hunter of the Wheatsheaf – Chilton Foliat the return of food for Arts for Hungerford and Croft Films events. If you’ve been to the Wheatsheaf you know you are in for a treat, if not then go to

A vegetarian option will be available

The cost will be £8 per head and must be ordered 48hours before the event either online or at the Hungerford Bookshop

The initial menus are:

4/2 – Keralan Fish Curry, Poppadum, Rice, Coriander

17/2 – Morrocan Lamb Tagine, Couscous, Pomegranates, Yoghurt
or Moroccan Root Veg Tagine
18/2 Sausages, English Bean Stew, Broccoli, Bread
or  Goats Cheese, English Bean Stew, Broccoli, Bread

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