Danica’s musings on portrait of a lady on fire

For those of you who want to engage in a conversation or just consider some alternative views on our events we introduce, the first of a series of personal thoughts by Danica. The first on our opening film Portrait of a Lady on Fire screening Friday 17 Sept.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire gives its audience much to muse upon. Art, like love and memory, is full of secrets. Synchronous with an evolving, illicit love affair, the creation of a painting represents containment, both in terms of the capture and objectification of its subject, and the poignant concentration of memory. The conventions of art mirror those of society, the relationship of artist and muse corresponding with the power dynamics of sexual politics, the working woman and the objectified marriage pawn. One has the power of choice; the other perhaps only the temporary power of refusal to cooperate. But the real and timeless question the film poses is, when we look, when we gaze, do we really see? And, if we don’t, can we learn to do so?’ 

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